Thursday, June 21, 2012


This is a pretty random post.  I was in a wedding - gosh, almost 2 weeks ago.  Times flies...  Anyway, I didn't take photos of the wedding, but the day after I took a picture of my bridesmaid bouquet and one of the centerpieces I got to keep.

Here is the bouquet:

This vase (below) was the centerpiece for one of the tables.  Matt's sister made vases for all the tables...she's so talented! This one was one of my favorites:

Ok, so those were the flower pictures.  Now, last weekend, I took a few shots of my aunt's dog, Finn.  I've posted pictures of him before - I think you'll be amazed at how big he's gotten!  He just got a haircut and my aunt wanted some cute pictures of him.  That's kind of hard because he moves so fast!   Here is what I was able to get:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who's Who at the St. Louis Zoo?

Ok, so I've been crazy busy lately.  The past three days have been a whirlwind of wedding celebrations (Two of my closest friends, Matt & Emily, tied the knot this weekend and I couldn't be happier for them!)  But now it's time to relax, take a step back, and blog!  I know I've been talking about a wedding, so you're probably expecting wedding photos - I don't mean to disappoint you, but this post is all about the St. Louis Zoo and one of my other favorite couples, Stacy & Chris!

On June 2nd, I went to the zoo with Stacy & Chris and my sister, Kate.  It was an excellent day for the zoo.  The weather was cool (well, cool compared to what it had been) in the upper 70s.  This was the first time I've been to the zoo this year, crazy, I know...but it's just been so darn hot.  And you know how I feel about being outside in the heat... No. Thank. You.  We all had stuff to do in the morning, so we decide to go in the afternoon - around 3:30  (the zoo is open until 7p.m. in the summer - nice, right?).

Here is a photo of Chris and Stacy.  Aren't they cute?

First stop was Penguin Cove, of course!  Chris and I both LOVE penguins!  

So in the picture below, you'll see it's feeding time - we were told that the one penguin standing away from the group is a loner.  Soon after the I snapped this shot, he waddled off to stand in a corner.

Inside was quite chilly.  On a hot day, it's very inviting.  On that particular Saturday, it felt cold!  I love the penguin place - it's usually crowded, but we get to see the penguins close up.  

I told Stacy and Kate to look like they were happy - and this is what I got...

It looks like this little guy was trying to surf on the rocks.


I love the look on the girl's face in the background.

Bear time...this guy loved having an audience.

Looks like he's smelling something...
(I also have a picture of him peeing while rubbing his back against a rock, but wasn't sure that was appropriate for this blog)

Flamingo!  Did you know that they're pink because of their diet?


This is what happens when you make fun of me and I have a camera...

Chimpanzee time!

There was a chipmunk in the chimpanzee area.

Prairie Dogs!  This one must be the lookout.

Baby prairie dog, so cute! (for a rodent...)

Who are you takin to? 
(In case you didn't get the reference, the animal pictured below is a Sichuan Takin.  And that was my lame attempt at a joke).

So the debate of the day - What color is a giraffe's tongue?

My sister and I said black.  Chris and Stacy said blue.  We argued (in a friendly way) about this all the way to the giraffe enclosure.  When we saw the giraffes and one finally stuck out its tongue, we turned to each other and said: "SEE?!"  Haha.  I still think it's black.  The official giraffe site ( don't remember what it's called) said it's black, blue or purple.

This ostrich was in the giraffe enclosure.  I told him to turn his head and look at me, and he did!

The giraffe couldn't be outdone by the ostrich.

The ostrich got mad when the giraffe got in his way.

The giraffe licking his


Lazy tiger.



Baby elephant. 

Chris riding a bug.

That was fun...then we went back to Chris and Stacy's and enjoyed their new patio furniture - what a great day!