Monday, July 19, 2010

My Trip To Dallas

So y'all know that I went to Dallas July 9-11. I've finally finished toning the pictures for your enjoyment (sorry I didn't post this last week like I promised, but working 10 hour days got the best of me). 

If you know me, you know that I love making collages, so of course I made a collage of the major highlights of my trip. The top one is obviously the collage in normal color and the 2nd one is over-saturated because I think it looks cooler like that.

I went to my first ever horse race that Saturday. I was hoping I'd have beginners luck, but alas, that was not the case. This is me with my first ever bet ticket thing...
In horse race talk, that's $5 on horse 2 to show. (He didn't show)
They started on the other side, so no pictures of that. But here they come! My horse is that one in the middle...
Yup, there he is in the straggling behind the first group of horses. If I remember correctly, he came in 5th.
I think this is the horse that won the 2nd race.
And here is the horse that I bet on. He was the favorite to win, but the jockey fell off at the gates!

After that, I decided to just soak in the atmosphere.I pet this horse...

Ready for another race? I didn't have anything riding on this race, but it was still fun to watch, more so because I didn't have to worry about where my horse was in the line up.  I think my friend lost money on this race...
And they're off!
#4 won that race, he was in the lead the whole race

We left after this race and drove around Dallas. (you can see those pictures in the collage)Then we went to Medieval Times for dinner. I hadn't been to a Medieval Times since Junior High, so it was fun to experience it at a different age. The wench (our waitress) kept telling us the food being served was dragon parts..sure lady..whatever. I was dumbfounded when I learned our only choice of beverage (should we choose not to buy a cocktail) was pepsi or iced tea. I didn't particularly like either choice because I don't drink soda and don't like tea. Water would have been delightful. Ah well.  The show was entertaining and we had fun, that's all that matters. 

There was this one horse and rider that danced along to some arabian music. It was amazing to watch. As I sat there taking in the dance, a strange thought occurred to me. You know those animal movies like Madagascar and Over the Hedge? Well, I was thinking that if this horse was in that kind of movie, it'd be such a diva. It was a gorgeous white horse with bows in it's tail, and it danced so well and in a way that made me think it must have an attitude. I think the yellow and red knight won that night. My friends and I were wondering if they change it up every night and let other knights win, or if it's always the same outcome. I think they much switch it up, otherwise, why would people go again?  But I think the green knight is always the evil knight, and thus must always lose. I really think the actor liked playing the 'bad' guy. He smiled whenever the crowd booed him and would blow kisses at people. I found it quite funny.

So on Sunday, Sharisse and I went to the Dallas zoo. It was soooo hot! It was a nice zoo, but I still maintain that the St. Louis Zoo is better. Here I am at the entrance of the zoo (while I was still fresh and looking decent).

Here I am all sweaty and gross, and shaking the hand of the chimpanzee statue.

This sign was too funny.
I'd say the best part of the zoo was the big cat area. The leopards and lions were laying right next to the glass, so we got a good look at them.

There's a bug on your nose...

Right after the zoo, Sharisse took me to the airport (it was pretty close to the zoo). I was sweaty and gross, but changed my shirt at the airport and the people on the plane didn't seem to mind. Maybe they were just being polite... anyway, we carried on a conversation the whole flight, which made it go by pretty quickly. I also took the pictures in the previous post (scroll down a bit) from the window of the plane.

All in all, I had a pretty fantastic weekend. It was way too short, but I managed to fit a lot in (shopping, more shopping, horse races, medieval times, zoo, and sight seeing). And best of all, I got to see my friend Sharisse.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I've always wanted to go to a Medieval Times show.