Sunday, April 15, 2012

Busy Busy Day

Yesterday was a very busy, fun-filled day.  In the morning/early afternoon, my dad, sister, brother and I went downtown for the Cardinals game (2nd home game + ring ceremony).  The gates opened at 10:25a.m. - I think we got there at 10:15, so we had some time to kill.  That meant time to take a photo in front of a giant noodle!

They're blocking the saying on the noodle - it says "You know you love it." 
It's hard to read in this picture, but the writing on the right hand corner of the platform says: 

Dad took this nice picture of my siblings and me.

Yay! Rings! This year the rings come out of the platform and you can wear them - well, those with big enough fingers can wear them, mine was several sizes too big!  The rings are pretty neat - they even have the rally squirrel on them! :)

Posing with the rings....

We got there really early - an hour before the ring ceremony started.  So we decided to head to the top of Busch Stadium and get some pics.  

Back to our seats...Dad brought a sham-wow to wipe down the seats.  Genius!  I think on rainy days, sham wows would be a good give-away - just saying...
 It was overcast, but Joe wore his sunglasses, and Dad squinted...
When the sun eventually came out two hours later, I wished I had my sunglasses!

 Kate was wearing her Cardinal's socks.

So was I! (Mine are better, don't you think so?)

So after a long rain delay, the game finally started.  It just started getting good with the Cardinals scoring  4 runs in an inning when we had to leave to get ready for my cousin's wedding.  We really didn't want to leave and debated whether or not we really needed to go to the wedding (just kidding Elizabeth! sort of..).  When we got home, we had a half hour to get ready and head to the wedding.

It was a very pretty venue - at Chandler Hill Vineyards.  I brought my camera but didn't take too many pictures.  There were three photographers there and I didn't want to step on their toes!  But before the ceremony, I got some photos of my family and had my brother take some of me. 

This first photo is one of my cousins' kids and another little girl from the groom's side. I told them to say, "Daddy has stinky feet!"  That cracked them up.

Here is a photo of my dad and mom.
Here I am in my red dress!

They clean up nice, don't they?

 Tessa is so cute.

 After the ceremony, I asked my cousin, Dave, to take a photo of my sibling and me.  My brother was pretty sick of getting his picture taken at this point.  He pretended to strangle me -- but right before Dave took the photo, I pulled Joe's hand down from around my neck -- that's why we're all laughing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Because I told Emily I would...

     My good friend, Emily, is getting married this coming June.  In March, her maid of honor, Carlie, threw her a bridal shower.  I happened to have my camera with me because I had to shoot an event earlier that day.  I didn't take pictures of her opening presents - well, I did, just not with my camera.  But after the guest left and it was just us bridesmaids (and the bride, of course), we decided to go outside and snap a few pictures.

This is a photo of the five of us (bride in the middle). 
One bridesmaid and the bride's attendant(?) couldn't make it.
We had an awful time with the sun and shadows!

Carlie  &  Emily (Maid of Honor & Bride)

Me & Emily

Emily & Emily
(Emily is actually the best man)

Paula & Emily

Just for fun...