Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stacy's Wedding

Ok, this post is mostly for my friend, Emily.  Emily, I took most of these photos for you to help give you ideas for your wedding next year.  

This is a picture of me, just because.  
(not a good photo day for me)

I stayed at Carlie's for the weekend, so I brought her as my 'date.'

I didn't get any pictures of the ceremony.  I really didn't want to be one of those people who thinks they're going to get a great shot with their dinky point and shoot camera when in reality they just get in the way of the real photographer. Wow, that sounded harsh...let me revise that statement. I wanted to sit and enjoy the wedding. This was the first wedding in a long time that I was a guest and not a photographer.

Carlie and I were at a table with some really fun people.  The food was amazing!! Take note Emily because you know it's not very often that I rave about food. The hors d'oeuvres were my favorite part.  BBQ Meatballs, goat cheese & dill puffs, and assorted quiche.  My only problem was there wasn't enough of them!  The salad was good.  The dinner was good but a lot, I had the chicken and yeah..too much for me, so I ate the chicken.  I didn't have room for the cake that night, but the waiter gave me a take-home box, so I ate it the next was decent.  I ate the ice cream, though I wasn't hungry, but you know me...can't pass up ice cream.  I saved the menu for you, Emily.  Since it was in Illinois, I doubt you can find the same caterers, but might give you some good ideas.

I also saved the table stuff for you.  Ok, picture time.

I thought this ice sculpture was pretty.

The cake topper was adorable.

I'm pretty sure the table numbers were on love birds...I'll have to confirm that with Stacy though.

Here's a photo of what the tables looked like.

gotta get a little artsy with it

Here's a photo of me and Stacy.  Look at her, not me.  She looked amazing that day! Me on the other hand...for some reason my camera did not like me that day.

Well, that's it for Stacy's wedding.  Sorry, I was too busy dancing (Carlie had to drag me onto the dance floor) to take a lot of pictures...

Work, work, work

It's recently been brought to my attention that people (cough-cough-Matt Cafferata), have been complaining about my lack of postings lately.  I'm sorry, this summer is flying by and I've been so busy I didn't even realize it's been a couple months since I've last posted!  I haven't been out shooting for fun lately - just lots of photos and video for work.  In a little bit, I'm going to post about the two weddings I went to in June.  They were both out of town, and I didn't feel like bringing the nice camera, so the images you'll see will be from the point and shoot.  I know, I know...I need to plan a trip to the zoo or Botanical Gardens ASAP.  So I'll get to those, but right now I want to share with you some videos I made for work.

The first is a video of Jeremy Simonds.  It's really a combination of photos, audio and music.  It's a day in the life video, like the ones of Sue and Sharon.  Jeremy is a maintenance man at St. Anthony's, and I gotta tell ya, if I ever need anything fixed, he's the guy I'd call (well, if my dad wasn't available).  But seriously, Jeremy is a really nice guy and I think the project turned out well.  It's on St. Anthony's website now, but I'm pretty sure it's moving to the front page tomorrow, so that's exciting.  I'm posting the video to the blog, but it's small, so here's the link to the video on our YouTube channel:

The next video I want to share is about the Fern & Ruessell F. de Greeff Hospice House.  It's a little on the long side, about 6 1/2 minutes, but I think the interviews are really compelling.  (If you watch it, keep in mind that I shot it using a flipcam, so the sound isn't as good as I'd like.)  Listening to these people who had a loved one stay at this place during their last days made me wish that we would've had a place to go for that kind of support when my grandpa was on hospice last year.