Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Day!

It's pretty icy and snowy out there today. I decided to go take a few pictures of the ice in my front and backyard. First up is a picture of my house in the snow. You can see ice building up on the mailbox (it was frozen shut! I guess no mail for us today!). Oh and I also took the address off the mailbox...can't take any chances.

Here is some grass stuff (no that's not the actual name of it). This one was actually in my neighbor's yard, but it's pretty close to my front yard.

Apparently there is a berry tree/bush? in our backyard... who knew? But the berries frozen in ice were pretty neat.

Even the tree branches are frozen.

The tiki torches on the back patio collected icicles.

Jerry's paw print...so adorable!

I went inside and a couple hours later (after my workout and shower) birds started landing on the trees outside. I was a little upset because my hair was wet and I didn't want to go back outside(the birds probably would have scattered at my presence anyway). So I opened the blinds in the office and snapped a few shots.

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