Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hooray for family gatherings

     My cousin from California is in St. Louis for the week.  Yesterday, in honor of his visit, we had a family get together at my aunt Janet's house.  My aunt bought this sprinkler thingy for all the grandkids (her grandkids, my cousins' kids, my second cousins?).  Anyway, I agreed to snap some shots of the kids playing in the sprinkler.

Boys will be boys.

Uh-oh. They've spotted me!

 Abby and Tessa are such great friends.
I remember when my cousin, Connie, and I used to be that close.

 Tessa is being a good big sister and helping Melody approach the sprinkler.

So cute.

Here's Melody's twin brother, Patterson.  
He likes wearing things on his head.

Melody with her dad. I like this pic better in black and white.

Here are the boys from California.  My aunt Helen's friend made this quilt for Kieren.

Here's Kieren playing shy.

I think Patterson wants a chip...

Hmmm...that looks like a good chip.

Oh, you're taking my picture?


     Apparently this is a game they play with their grandad (my uncle).  They say bump and he lifts them to gently 'bump' their heads on the ceiling.  

Well, that's it.  That's all I've got.

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