Saturday, December 15, 2012

I can always count on Jerry to model for me

I finally bought a backdrop stand and my mom generously bought me a backdrop as an early Christmas present.  Why did I decide to buy a backdrop stand?  Well, I've done a few photo/video shoots this year that would have been a lot easier had I had a backdrop.  Also, for our family get togethers this Christmas, I've made a bunch of fun photo props (thank you Pinterest for giving me the idea) and thought it'd be best to take the photos in front of a backdrop.  Plus, now when somebody turns to me and says, "hey, you're a photographer, where's the best place to take a photo?" I can say, how about in front of that backdrop over there?  I'm hoping my family will get into the props/picture taking.

As always, my dog had to step in as my model as I tested out the backdrop and lighting.  (Please ignore any wrinkles in the backdrop, I haven't ironed it yet...)

Here is Jerry modeling a pair of glasses (yes, this is one of the props)...isn't he adorable?

I tried to get Jerry closer to the tree for a picture, but he isn't the most cooperative model.

That's a little better... didn't get a lot of the tree in the shot, but you can see the ornament from my first Christmas :)

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