Monday, February 22, 2010

Feeling Blue

Whenever I get really bored...I mean really, really bored, I take photos of myself on the Photo Booth application on my laptop.  I took this photo a while ago, but it fits my mood right now. I feel alone and a little sad. I always feel like this this time of year though. I'm sick of winter and ready for the sun to come out. Today was a bust at work, so I wanted to go out and do something creative, but couldn't think of anything to do. I can't wait till the weather gets better.  I want to go around to all of the St. Louis attractions and make a collage of my home town. Anyway, here is a self portrait of me being blue. hehe

And here is a picture of Jerry and me that I took just now. He wouldn't turn around for the picture, so I thought it'd be cool to get a shot of us looking at each other. Ah Jerry, the love of my life. What would I do without you?


  1. How'd you get the blue in photo booth? Did you photoshop it?

  2. No, I used the thermal camera on photo booth